Squeezing Properties of Light Field in the System of the Two-Mode Entangled Coherent States Interacting with a Three-Level Atom in the Kerr Medium

Abstract: In the dipole and the rotating-wave approximation, the interaction of the quantized radiation field with the two-level atomic system is a very important research in quantum optics.This physical model is Jaynes-Cummings model (J-C model).J-C model has been deeply studied and developed in the past three decades.In the J-C model,we can study three-level atom(V-type.∧-type.ladder-type ) and two-mode light field(vacuum states.number states.coherent states.squeezed states) in the kerr medium instead of the quantized radiation field and the two-level atomic system in the vacuum environmentIn 1976,. H.P.Yuen brought forward the squeezed states of light field.The squeezed states of light field is a quadrature of electromagnetic field with reduced fluctuations below the standard quantum limit,it has had many attractive applications in optical communication,photon detection techniques,high exact interferometry and noise-free amplification.In this paper, we firstly introduce the Jaynes-Cummings model.Secondly,we introduce all kinds of light fields (vacuum states,number states,coherent states and squeezed states) and the definition of one-model squeezed states and two-model squeezed states.Thirdly,we discuss the squeezing properties of light fields in the system of the two-model entangled coherent states interacting with a V-type three-level atom in the kerr medium.Finally,we use the method of numerical calculation , picture the figures about the squeezing properties of light fields in the different conditions in the beginning,and discuss the important effect of the coupling intensity between the kerr medium and the two-model light field,the detune of light field and the original states of the atom.We can gain some conclusion :( 1)With the coupling intensity of the kerr medium-field interaction increasing, light squeezed degree deepens and the oscillation frequency increases; (2)With the detuning of light field increasing, light squeezed degree and the oscillation frequency reduced until the light squeezed degree completely disappears.(3) With the probability of the atomic initial state gradually increasing, the light squeezed degree becomes small or even disappears…
Key words: J-C model; kerr medium ; two-model entangled coherent ; squeezing properties of light fields

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