Accurately Calculate Cross Section of the Neutron-Antineutron Annihilating and Producing Double Neutral Pions Reaction in the Neutron-Antineutron Renormalization Chain Diagram

Abstract: Nucleon-nucleon interaction is the foundation of nuclear structure and the basic hadron-hadron interaction. So, it has important meaning to research nucleon-nucleon interaction. At present, though there are many theories about nuclear power and nucleon-nucleon interaction, more difficulties exist in both of these theories or models more or less. Only quark model is more successful for strong interaction, especially the experiment fact of the quantum chromo dynamics which is the basic theories of quark interaction, the strong interaction become one basic problem in physics again.In the nucleons interaction, from bringing forward the pion exchange model of Yukawa, though which had solved many problems about strong interaction (nuclear power) and could not become the basic theory because of the limit of itself, it has more applicability yet.In the quantum field theory, the common method for researching particles interaction is the perturbation theory, of which the most problem is the Feynman integral divergences difficulty for considering high step correction, which become the major factor for restricting its development. Adopting Lorentz-invariant coupling model of neutron n -antineutron n and neutral meson strong interaction, we have physical analysis and accurate calculation on the n -(n|-) renormalization chain diagram propagator, and acquire the theoretical result.furthermore after application of it to the physical process analysis and cross-section evaluation in reaction n + (n|-)→2π~0, the differential cross-section of which is given. Through the comparison among this calculation and those scenarios: n -(n|-) tree diagram and renormalization chain diagram propagator contribution, some important information about radiative correction was obtained. This study would offer certain academic references to the further research on Lorentz-invariant coupling model and the nuclear physics about cross section problem of particle in nucleon antinucleon and neutral meson strong interaction in terms of theoretical calculations. In addition, it will also provide something valuable to refer on relevant physical process, and on the renormalization calculation orderly with different approaches in perturbation theory of Quantum field theory…
Key words: Lorentz-invariant coupling model; renormalization chain diagram propagator; differential cross section; radiative correction

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