Study on the Neutron Yield, Energy Spectrum, Angular Distribution and Neutron/gamma Mixed Field of D-T Neutron Generator Using Monte Carlo Method

Abstract: In this paper, firstly, a mathematical method and a computer program were developed to calculate the yield, energy spectrum and angular distribution of neutrons from the T(d,n)~4He reaction in a thick tritium-titanium (TiT_x) target for all incident deuteron beam energies lower than 1.0MeV. Secondly, the neutron emission model of T(d,n)~4He reaction neutron source was established based on the data of the neutron energy spectrum and angular distribution, which were get under ideal conditions and mentioned above. The neutron emission model was applied to simulate the neutron energy spectrum, angular distribution and n/γratio of Lanzhou University 3.3×l0~(12)n/s intense neutron generator using MCNP code. The M-C simulation results can meet with experimental results well by comparison. Moreover, the radiation dose of neutron andγoutside the neutron experimental hall of Lanzhou University was simulated and evaluated using MCNP code by considering the structure, materials and the layout of the experimental hall…
Key words: Intense neutron generator; T(d; n)4He reaction; neutron yield; neutron energy spectrum; Neutron angular distribution; MCNP simulation

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