Design & Implementation of All-Digital High Precision Laser Ranging System

Abstract: The laser ranging is a technology for high precision distance measurement. It is developing along with the appearance of laser technology, and in nowadays it is widely used in military and civil fields because of good accuracy.However, after extensive research on the architecture and the implementation way of current laser ranging system, we find that the analog modules of the system such as PLLs will bring errors and latency to the system inevitably when processing phase accumulation, A/D conversion, etc, which make them the bottleneck problems for the further improvement of measuring accuracy and timing response. Thus, in this paper, we have proposed a fully digitalized way of implementation of signal processing module in the system based on Multiple Frequency Phase-Shift measuring principle and Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting technology, which will avoid such kind of problems thoroughly. Also, we have described the FPGA design of the whole system including key modules like Modulated Signal Generator and Receiver. The design has therefore been tested by several methods and it has been verified to be capable to meet the demands of high precision real-time measurement…
Key words: Laser Ranging System; FPGA; Multiple Frequncy Phase-Shift; Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting

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