The Study of Neutron CT with Micromegas as a Neutron Detector

Abstract: Non-destructive examination (NDE) technique is of great importance for the examination of plant root's growing in soil, which makes it possible for botanists to monitor the growth of a plant alive without removing soil, and discriminate the health, growth and vitality of the plant. In this paper, the possibility using micromegas (Micro-Mesh Gaseous Structure) as neutron detector in 14 MeV neutron computed tomography (CT), based on the accelerator neutron source (T(d,n)~4He,3×10~(12)n/sec) of Lanzhou University, was studied, mainly including 14MeV neutron detection with micromegas technique and neutron CT. This paper contains five parts below:In the first chapter, the detailed introduction to neutron radiography was presented, including its principle, history and application.In the second chapter, the design process and present experiment of micromegas as 14MeV neutron detector with high spatial resolution were illustrated in detail.In the third chapter, the basic principle of neutron CT was illustrated in mathematicas, and how the algorithm was carried out by computer was shown in diagram.In the fourth chapter, monte carlo method was introduced briefly. The three-dimensional image of plant roots in soil was successfully and clearly obtained by the 14 MeV neutron CT with simulation.In the last chapter, the conclusion of this paper was presented, and the future work was discussed as well…
Key words: Fast Neutron Radiography; Neutron CT; Micromegas; MCNP; Root Visualization

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