The Applied Research of Image Plane Hologram in Vibration Measure and Temperature Field Measure

Abstract: Holography was one of the most important physical inventions in the last century. The British scientist Dennis Gabor brought the principle of holography firstly in 1948.Gabor put forward a method that can record both amplitude and phase ofthe original wave simultaneously and proved it in experiments. He invented the first holograph adopting in-line recording system. Since 1960 the appearance of laser madeholography develop rapidly. And the applied range of holography have been extended. Now holography have been applied in engineering, medicine, article, packaging, printing and so many fields.With the development of the science technology and the production, it is critic to the work capability of the machine equipment and the work intensity. With the improvement of the automatization extent and the production efficiency it is more complex to the structure of the machine equipment. The conjunction of the joints of the equipment is tighter than ever. In order to ensure the safe running of the machine it is important to diagnose early the malfunction of the equipment. Moreover with the vibration experiment we can detect the vibration parameters of the machine and contrast it to the normal values, we can detect whether and where the trouble lies. At last we can take measure to the troubles to avoid dangers. Therefore vibration measurement is an important means to the malfunction diagnose. Furthermore it is important to improve design machine equipment and checkout eligibility of products.Complex temperature field lies in many kinds of burning or heating equipments in industry such as boilers in electric power industry, end heaters in metallurgy industry, average heaters and heat processors. In these equipments temperature distribution named temperament field (not point temperature) is important parameters of equipment state. It needs temperament field distribution information to improve production efficiency and the products quality, to save energy and minish environment pollution and to improve design of the camp stove. So temperature field measure is important to the industry production. The research of temperature field measure is more important.There are many methods of vibration measure and temperature field measure, butthe optical methods are most of these. Measuring vibration and temperature field using holography have full-field, non-contact, high precision and so many advantages. In measuring scatter object vibration and temperature filed using holography the object light which is diffuse reflected is so weak that the contrast and resolving power of fringes are affected. So we put forward image plane hologram time -average method. It is integrated the image plane record means and time -average method to improve the contrast of interference fringes. In temperature filed measure we put forward image plane hologram twice exposure method. It is integrated the image plane record means and the twice exposure method to improve the contrast of interference fringes. We can obtain clear interference fringes and the color fringes in white light using the two methods.The work of this thesis has four parts: in the first part, we will describe completely the research state of vibration measure and temperature field measure and set forth the purpose of this thesis. In the second part, we will introduce the principle of the image hologram and hologram measure methods: once exposure method, twice exposure method and time-average method. The advantages of them will be analyzed. In the third parts we put forward image plane hologram time-average method and apply the method in the research of the film vibration. We analyze the film vibrations of axis symmetry, non-axis symmetry and cracked state. In the last part, we put forward image hologram twice exposure method and apply it in the research of temperature field measure. The axis symmetry and non-axis symmetry temperature filed will be analyzed.The results indicate: Using the methods put forward in this thesis we can obtainclear high contra…
Key words: Image plane hologram time-average method; Image plane hologram two-time exposal method; Film vibration; Temperature field; Measure

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