Applications of Mean-field Plus Nearest-orbit Proton-Proton and Neutron-Neutron Pairing Interaction Model to Well-deformed Nuclei

Abstract: An exactly solvable mean-filed plus nearest-orbit proton-proton and neutron-neutron pairing interaction model for the unified description of well-deformed nuclei in actinide region is proposed. Binding energies, pairing excitation energies, and even-odd mass differences of 22?-233Th, 232-239U> 236-243pu isotopes and 228Ra_229Ac_230Th_23ipa.232U; 2:'2Th-233Pa-234U-235Np-236Pu; and 236U-237Np-238Pu-239Am isotones are calculated and compared with the corresponding experimental values. Nuclear moment of inertia in the model is also derived. As an approximation, interactions between protons and neutrons, and the quadrupole-quadrupole interaction are not considered. It is inferred that the theoretical results of binding-energies , lower-lying pairing excitation energies and values of moment of inertia of actinide nuclei are basically close to the corresponding experimental values when nearest orbit proton and neutron pairing interactions are taken into consideration…
Key words: Mean-field; Nearest-orbit Pairing Interaction; Pairing Excitation Odd-even Mass Different .Moment of Inertia

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