Study of Data Processing of High-Density Resistivity Method in Coal Mine and It’s Application

Abstract: Fourier transform and short time Fourier transform are the chief methods in signal analysis, however, they suffer inherent limit: they can analysis a signal only on the whole spectrum, but not on multi-resolution. Wavelet transform is a great advancement the harmonic analysis field. It gets over the limit of Fourier transform and short time Fourier transform adative and stable. Applying the wavelet transform in geophysics is a complement and advancement of existing processing and interpreting methods.The thesis includes the following key points: study on the knowledge about digital signal processing, liking FFT algorithms, and deconvolution principle and normal processing way. Deconvolution for high-resolution of seismic signal is one of important parts in the paper. After study of the seismic signal model and deconvolution principle, classical deconvolution algorithms are analyzed detaily. Through processing real seismic datas with these algorithms, the different effects of them are researched.Theory of continuous wavelet transofmr is discussed in this paper. The continuous wavelet transform is compared with the Fourier transform and short time transform,and it is approved to have the ability of time-frequency analysis and have the characters of band-pass filter.Based on the frame,the wavelet transform has some redundancy,and the redundant frame makes the computing stable but enlarging the work remarkably,Discrete wavelet transform can reduce the redundancy of continuous wavelet transform, the typical form of discrete wavelet tuansform and the construction of orthogonal wavelet is discussed on the base of multi-resolution analysis. This article discusses the algorithm of decomposition and reconstruction, which approved to be self-contained.The Matlab program of wavelet transform used to process the seismic profile has been written and includes displaying of the profiler, pick-upping the swing amplitude datas, formatconversion, decomposition and reconstruction ( S= A_1 + D_1 + D_2 + D_3) Highfrequency is enhanced and lowfrequency is reserved. The distinguishability of the semic profiler is enhanced. The wavelet transform has been used in Zhundong coalfield. It is experimentally shown that to compensate for attenuation of seismic energy in frequency and time domains, high efficiency and good fidelity…
Key words: Seismic exploration; wavelet transform; decon; distinguishability ; decomposition; reconstruction

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