Reliability Analysis and Simulation of Systems with Different States Components

Abstract: For a long time, it has been a difficult task that how to evaluate quantitatively the reliability of systems. The classical approach is to utilize Markov process to describe system’s state, consequently compute various reliability parameters of systems. However, it is very complicated to calculate the reliability of systems by the traditional method. In recent years, with the rapid development of computer technology, simulation technology has been widely applied in many engineering fields. So people started to try to use simulation technology to solve the reliability problems, and it has become the primary means to evaluate quantitatively the reliability of complex systems. Paper promotes the simulation of reliability about two types of models based on references, and puts the matrix-geometric method in queuing theory into reliability analysis, then obtains some system reliability indexes and indicates that it is viable in cases.Firstly, we give analysis to the reliabilities and simulations of the Voting and the Series-parallel and the Parallel-series systems using the Monte-Carlo method and descript the simulation method and procedures explicitly. Besides, we give some examples to verify it. This method not only achieves the same results as the traditional one of the reliabilities analysis, but also solves the calculation problems encountered in the theoretical analysis.Secondly, paper considers warm-fund and redundancy repairable system. We put fault tree analysis and simulation approach to combine together, according to minimal cut—set to judge the state of system, then use Monte Carlo method to imitate, and get the simulation logic diagram, the process, and reliability indexes.Finally, we consider parallel system with the repairman can leave off as an example, and put the matrix-geometric method in queuing theory into reliability analysis, then obtain some system reliability indexes in steady-state condition, and the form is simple, clear. It gets rid of puzzle of complex formula…
Key words: Reliability simulation; Three-state; Monte Carlo method; Fault tree; Matrix-geometric analysis

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