Geochemical Character of Granite of the Saikendulu-lasitai Area in Xinyuan, Xinjiang

Abstract: Based on the project of the 1:50000 regional geological investigation in Tuokuzikumalake region in Xinyuan County, Xinjiang, this paper deal with -the age of the granite and its mineralizing element background etc as well as the systematic research and general understand of the petrological, petrochemical and geochemical character, by the field survey of the mineral resources, data processing and calculating and mapping. The main geological achievements are concluded as follow.1. Using the petrological spectral series unit mapping method and the theory of cognate magma evolvement, we classify the intrusion series of the granite in Saekendulu-Lasitai area in Awulale tectonic-magmatic belt into the Saikendulu-kuoerku the beveling contact relationship rock assemblage and Lasitai-Taertaxia magma belt. We also disassemble the rock body which called Saikendulu body by the predecessor, and construct the petrological spectral series unit.2. The Saikendulu series, aged 321 Ma, intrude the Dahalajun Mountain formation, which belong to ACG, derive from a crust-mantle mixed source dominated by the mantle material. According to the calculation and mapping of the main elements, trace elements and thulium elements, we can conclude that it is tectonicly derived from the volcanic arc condition by referring to the Dahalajun mountain volcanic structural setting which closely related to the Saikendulu series in genetic and tectonic aspect. This conclusion can provide important information in reconstruction of the geologic-tectonic evolvement of the West Tianshan Mountain.3. The Kuoerku series, aged 281Ma, the beveling contact relationship with The Saikendulu series, which is Moderately Peraluminous Calc-alkline Granitoids, belonging to CPG, mainly derived from crust sources. The tectonic setting of the rock body is Syn-COLG And the tectonic setting of the Yishijili volcanic formation which is closely relative to the Kuoerku series has testified this conclusion.4. Lasitai series, aged 328Ma, intrude the lower of the Lower Carboniferous of the lowe…
Key words: West Tianshan Mountain; Saikendulu-Lasitai area; granite; geochemistry

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