The Prototype Design of URBAN-RURAL Planning Management Information System of Chengdu Base on Virtual Reference Station

Abstract: The remote sensing (RS) data has lots of merits including covering widely, present situation, penetrating, true; The global position system (GPS) technology is real-time, dynamic, high-accuracy; But, the geographic information system (GIS) technology has the function analysing, handling space information's, but provides science, the reliable basis to decision-making. Making use of these technologies, we can carry out general management on fields such as land utilization, town and urban planning is the hot spot problem studying at present at home and abroad.VRS (Virtual Reference Station) is the network RTK technology, which represents is GPS. Its appearce will make surveying an area become a aspect of the organic entirety, and end the situation of working alone previously. At the same time, it will expand the RTK range greatly, make the GPS application broader, improve the accuracy and reliability of GPS, the mission that is too difficult to be completed be completed. Otherwise the most importance is, having had above-mentioned merit, lessening building GPS network cost.This system integrates firstly the many forward technologies including Remote Sensing technology, Globe Position System technology, Geographic Information System, Wireless Communicating Technology, Mobile Terminal Implant Technology many forward technologies, various data information such as having integrated the remote sensing portrait first, having urban planning data, building project information, applies that to and planning of construction in urban and rural areas, real time supervision establish a basis by the high altitude, low altitude and floor "Three-in-One" means, for plan establishment, the plan put science establishment, high-effect propping up with planning supervision providing a technology, for realizing a town and country planning into practice putting sum into practice…
Key words: GPS; GIS; RS; VRS; reference station; urban planning

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