Simulation Test of High-density Resistivity Method in Total Space and Application Study under Coal Mine

Abstract: By now, High-density Resistivity Method has become the highest stage in the development of electrical exploration, because it can get large numbers of data and reflect abundant geo-electric information, and the general electrical method has improved apparently. Recently years, this method does not only display important effects in the field of engineering and environment, but also becomes reliant and effective means in the detection of coal mine and tunnel. The application of high-density resistivity method on the ground and the explanation in half space have matured, however, the application which used under coal mine and in tube is exploring and developing.This paper mostly studies the detection and explanation of high-density resistivity method in total space. Elect the isotropy medium of water and anisotropy medium of soil, utilize two different simulative test methods in the water channel and soil box to accomplish detecting with different pole distances in the same condition, finish detecting with the same pole distance and condition in different depths of water and thicknesses of cover. Macroscopical and qualitative analysis is in the base of diversified inversion charts through data processing and inversion imaging; concludes the influence of detection with different pole distances in different depths of water and thicknesses of cover. And high-density resistivity method can offer vertical geo-electric information, extract sounding data in different positions from one measuring line, draw the carve diagram of apparent resistivity, deduce qualitative relationship between the state of half space and total space; proceed regression analysis through vertical sounding data and find the power function relationship which exists between apparent resistivity and the depth of water or the thickness of cover, quantitatively resolve invert relationship between the state of half space and total space.Finally, the high-density resistivity method has been proved feasibly and correctlyin the total space detecting through two applied cases of engineering, it will be widelygeneralized and used eventually…
Key words: High-density resistivity method; Simulation test; conversion; total space

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