The Research on Non-public Forest Resources Management Information System Based on ComGIS

Abstract: The emergence and development of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology provides an efficient tool for the effective management of Forest Resources. In the paper, we study the problems of GIS and component technology which is applied extensively in Non-public Forest Resources Management Information System. This paper will focus on the following points.(1) The conventional method for spatial data vector Manual drawing is based on relief map to remake the manual drawing and then scan the image of manual drawing into computer. Next we use the similar software as Mapinfo to finish the vector work. Considering the features that the non-public forest resources has a large spatial distribution range and number, while low in density of subcompartent, this paper mainly discusses the spatial data vector in the course of the database creation. Also it describes how to base on the relief map to vectorize spatial data directly so as to improve the work efficiency, the accuracy and the reliability of the data.(2) The paper discusses how to use ENVI software in the image registration and how to use AreView in the artificial vector. The concentration of ENVI and AreView avoids the troublesome and complicated artificial record, the reorganization and processing data work in the common boundary and the format translation from files which the developers in conventional system for GIS often use. It also reduces the complexity of the system greatly and improves the work efficiency.(3) According to the work mentioned above, the paper still discusses the application of ComGIS technology based on the feature of non-public forest resources and its management methods. And based on the Visual Basic and MapObjects, it develops a non-public forest resources management information system based on ComGIS which includes the functions such as data acquisition, data editing, thematic mapping, data querying and analysis and so on…
Key words: Geographic Information System; Components GIS; Geospatial Database; Forest Resources

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