Preparation of Phosphatic Polyvinyl Butyral and Its Property on Adsorption of Rare Earth Elements and Americium

Abstract: In re-treated waste of high fuel-consumption fuel, 241Am is the primary composition of a radioactivity. Because of its long half life period and endangering human body, the separating and decontaminating of the radio-wasteliquid containing 241Am is specially important and valuable.We synthesized phosphatic polyvinyl butyral (PPVB) by utilizing plenty of active hydroxyl group of PVA. In this process, phosphoric acid was first used for the estrification of PVA, the product subsequently was cross-linked with butyraldehyde. When the PPVB was selected as adsorbing material, which was prepared with polyvinyl alcohol phosphate ester containing 14.22% phosphorus, adsorption capacity of trivalent rare earth ions and241 Am3+ on it was investigated.Through adsorption test, it was found that the saturated adsorbing capacity of Y3+, La3+, Eu3+ at 25 respectively reached 88.5 mg/g, 134.9 mg/g, 165.3 mg/g dry weight. The adsorbed Eu3+ could be eluted from PPVB with 3-4 mol/L hydrochloric acid. The elution rate was up to 96%. PPVB was also effective for decontamination of 241Am3+. When sampling flow rate was 0.5 ml/min and radioactivity was 3.6 103 cpm/ml, the decontamination efficiency of 241Am3+ reached 98%.The prepared PPVB has good adsorption capacity, separating power and decontamination efficiency for 241Am3+. It also can be used to retrieve rare earth elements in wasteliquid from hydrometallurgy process of rare earth. The research is innovative and valuable…
Key words: PPVB; Rare earth; Americium; Adsorption; Decontamination

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