The Wave Equation Migration of Ground Penetrating Radar by the Method of Finite Difference

Abstract: The paper is about the concept of migration and principle of Ground Penetrating Radar(GPR), and the wave theory of electromagnetic wave. According to wave theory, wave equation is induced for migration. Based on wave theory, 15-degree finite difference migration wave equation is induced in drift coordinate system, and the solution of the equation is discussed. All-dip finite difference migration is produced along up-going wave's wave front continuation by the methods of coordinate transform about the wave front of up-going wave and down-going wave and applying the whole wave equation with appropriate initial conditions and boundary conditions.Corresponding program is produced by applying the above method. The prove is performed by the record composed with theory and actual data respectively, and the result shows the method used is feasible and valid…
Key words: unsteady flow; characterizations; water level; discharge; raising of water level; influence factors; polynomial fitting methods; the 1998 flood.

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