The Research and Design of the Seismograph with High Precision and Multi-channel

Abstract: Due to the demand of the seismograph in the seismologic observation, this thesis proposes the scheme of a kind of digital seismograph with high precision and multi-channel based on the thesis of the virtual instrument. The system controls the logic of the data acquisition board by programmable logic device (PLD) with the center of the ARM microcontroller and FIFO memory and provides the simulate waveforms. The microcontroller communicates with the computer by ISA bus. The data acquired can be sent to computer timely. The hardware of the digital seismograph this paper proposes can be extended and the software can be reconstructed, which means some modules can be added or be deleted to do some more advanced analysis. So this system has the value of application and provides the platform for the further researches on this kind of instrument…
Key words: Seismologic observation Data acquisition; programmable logic device; ISA bus; ARM LPC2138

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