2-D Forward Simulation of Ground Penetrating Radar and Engineering Examples

Abstract: Ground-penetrating radar(GPR) is a geophysical exploration method, using high-frequency electromagnetic pulse to detect underground media distribution, with the light, fast and high-resolution characteristics, and its kinematic laws similar seismic exploration method. So regardless of field data collection or data processing can learn from seismic exploration technology. It works in the increasingly wide use of engineering geophysics.The first two chapters on the GPR technology and the finite difference time domain(FDTD) method development and the principle of GPR for a brief presentation, laid the foundation for this study. The article, based on experience and lots of literature, advances working in the field, according to detect objects with the size, shape and depth and geological background, with the corresponding measurement method to select the appropriate parameters to ensure that the radar records to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness.GPR launches electromagnetic wave, and Maxwell's equations are the basic equations of electromagnetic. Chapter III of the article from the Maxwell equations, using the FDTD method for direct solving, setting perfectly matching layer(PML) in truncated borders, excitation source with Ricker-wave, the ultimate simulation of electromagnetic wave propagation directly contribute to our understanding of electromagnetic waves in the medium of communication mechanisms.Chapter IV first introduces the GPR forward simulation calculation process, in order to use the computer in its language, forward simulation of a typical electric models, including pipelines simplistic circular target, bedrock simplistic level interface layered media and the combination of both model and the complex geological formations representative simple fault model. Forward simulation for the data recovery amplitude gain, migration and common mid point(CMP) velocity analysis, shows the accuracy of the simulation results and validity of data processing.Finally, according to the forward results to enhance the GPR reflection profile, thus guide actual work. The result of simulation in GPR tunnel prediction had played a substantive role in guiding, and in pipeline detection has been increased precision…
Key words: GPR; FDTD; PML; Migration; Velocity analysis; Tunnel prediction

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