An Analysis of Crack Growth Simulation and Crack Arrest in Integrally Stiffened Panel

Abstract: Integrally stiffened panel is one of most representative structure forms in aircraft structure, which is be widely used in fuselage and wing. However its damage tolerance design and fracture feature are different from conventional structure. In order to ensure the long life of aircraft, how to avoid the crack propagate through the stringer in integrally stiffened panel and how to make crack turning and crack arrest take place near the root of stringer is an important problem in aircraft structure design. The fracture research on integrally stiffened panel is a very important problem in engineering.Start with theories and tests from other countries. The theories including crack propagation theory and cohesive process zone theory, the tests including Boeing panel text and DCB text. Then an analysis of crack growth simulation and crack arrest in integrally stiffened panel is performedUse finite element code ABAQUS and crack propagation direction criterion to simulate crack growth in integrally stiffened panel, and testify the validity of this method by contrast with experiment; Particularly discuss some parameter that influence crack intensity factor and crack turning in integrally stiffened panel by shell model, and then, analysis the effect of stringer to crack arrest by using cohesive zone model, compute crack propagation distances under different stringer parameter and contrast them. The method and conclusion discussed in this paper can be used in damage tolerance design of integrally stiffened panel…
Key words: Integrally stiffened panel; crack propagation; numerical simulation; the stress intensity factor; cohesive zone; progressive damage; ABAQUS

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