Research on Dynamic Load Characteristic of Rig Derrick

Abstract: Derrick is the holding foundation of the whole rig, and is also the part which has the biggest volume, the most complex structure and the most beams; meanwhile, it is the weakest part in intension. Traditional analysis of derrick mainly focus on the static performance, however, in actual working situation, derrick will suffer the wind pressure, transient force and lifting load of the rig continuously, creating potential hazard and harming the rig. So researches on dynamic load of the derrick have significant importance to rig design and have great meaning.This essay researches the following aspects of the dynamic load of derrick; firstly, calculate the vertical stiffness according to the highest static hook load which will provide importance coefficient for the rig lifting simulation.Then, analyze the structure of the derrick according to the calculation result of the transient vibration and harmonic response based on ANSYS.thirdly, create dynamic model of the lifting system and simulate based on ADAMS. Finally, test derrick strain curve under the working condition of the rig in actual situation.. Through the analyzing of those aspects, comparing with the actual vibration curve, I draw the conclusion that the result of the simulation inosculate with the actual vibration in basic vibration character…
Key words: Vertical stiffness; Dynamic load of derrick; Actual testing

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