A Study on the Steel Purchasing Management of Sichuan Boiler Factory

Abstract: The thesis is based on Sichuan Boiler Factory (SBF) under the prosperous environment of the whole boiler industry. As the steel materials are out of short, it brings a series of question to SBF and causes it in inferior competition position. By use the relative studies of supplier's evaluation management, relation management, performance management, and combine with my investigation, it puts forward the ways to solve this problem in the aspects of purchasing staff management, supplier's evaluate management, relation management, and performance management. In the part of purchasing staff management, through the staff reorientation, work recombination, establishing the assess & rewards system of purchasing staff and optimizing the procedures of purchasing pricing,it realizes the equity of rights and duties. So it can connect the benefits of steel purchasing staff with that of SBF. In the part of supplier's evaluation management, through establishing the new evaluation criterion and procedure, it comes out the best supplier for SBF from the four usual steel suppliers in the aspects of whole circumstances, manufacturing, R&D, quality controlling, logistics and delivery, raw materials purchasing, environments, cooperation. In the part of supplier's relation management, through analyzing the present demand of SBF, the interests that SBF can bring to the supplier and the feedback that supplier will give to SBF, it comes out the method of establishing the cooperation mechanism of risks-sharing and benefits-sharing. In the part of supplier's performance management, through setting up supplier's performance cards and relative incentive mechanisms, it impels supplier cooperate with SBF more efficient, reliable and longer. Thus we can resolve the steel purchasing problems of SBF in theory and practice…
Key words: Supplier’s evaluation management ; Relation management ; Performance management

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