On Japan’s Cultural Output and Its Influence on China after the 1980s

Abstract: Japanese cultural export is an important component of Japan’s diplomacy. After the 1980s, it takes to propose that change from an economic giant into a culture-exporting country by Japanese politicians, and become a political power finally. Under the background of fact that the profound changes of international political situation and the in-depth development of economic globalization have taken place, Japan’s culture was exported outwards the world by its cultural products and network media, and based on one’s own economy, science and technology for its economic recovery, and political power, and the remodeling of the international image and the international community agree to their own culture. Select the essence, abandon its dross. Japan some of the advanced culture we can absorb, can study and use for reference, but we must keep sober-minded and guard against the erosion of Japanese negative culture at any time.Japanese cultural exports have their special background and ideological roots. Japan through the cultural output way called“moisten all things on earth silently”, such as mainly cultural trade, TV media and network communications, etc. export its values, not only bring impacts on the development of China’s cultural industry, and the national cultural security, and advance the pace of peaceful rise, but also the more key one is that some of Japan’s cultural dross brings the harmful effects to the teenagers’physical and mental health in our country. So, we must strengthen the culture of innovation, and create original outstanding cultural masterpieces, and enhance national cultural soft power; accelerate building the cultural exchange mechanisms of equality and mutual benefit, at the same time establish and improve early warning mechanism of national cultural security, and we also need to further strengthen the publicity and education for the improvement of national culture safety awareness, to correctly understand and treat Japanese cultural output…
Key words: Japan; Cultural output; Cultural security; Response measures

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