Improving College Students’ Writing Competence with Process Genre Approach

Abstract: Product approach, process approach and genre approach are three dominant approaches in Chinese writing classes. In order to improve students’ writing competence, most researchers have focused on the application of one approach. However, they have not achieved the expected results.The author of the thesis thinks that a single approach is not valid under all circumstances. Therefore, after the analysis of students’ problems in writing, and the causes of the problems, the author analyzes the advantages and the disadvantages of each approach. Then, the author introduces the necessity and feasibility of combining the three approaches and adopts process genre approach (Badger &White, 2000).Based on the main ideas of process genre approach, the author analyzes the principles of the process genre approach: writing is embedded in a social situation, and is a reflection of a particular purpose; students can learn both linguistic knowledge and writing strategies in the process of writing; students can get input from three potential sources: the teacher, other students and examples of the target genre; teachers facilitate the writing process and students can actively participate in the process of writing. To help teachers apply the approach flexible, a five-step procedure to operate by is presented. In the first step, the teacher should select a typical article of a certain genre as a model, and analyze to students the social context and communicative purpose of the genre as well as the generic structure and linguistic characteristics of the article. The next step is imitating. By imitating, students can have a better understanding of the genre and internalize the characteristics of the genre as their schema knowledge. The following steps are creative writing; revising and getting feedback; second and final drafting. <WP=5>Although the process genre approach has not won wide recognition yet, it is a short-cut method of raising students’ proficiency in writing. It gives some new insights on our current teaching practice in EFL writing classes…
Key words: product approach; process approach; genre approach; process genre approach

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