A Study on the Phonetics of Qingtian Dialect

Abstract: The present thesis is a survey of Qingtian dialect The Qingtian Country is one of the countries of Lishui municipality in the southeastern of Zhejiang Province, and located in the middle and lower reaches Oujiang. Qingtian dialect belongs to Chuqu part of Wu dialect, and borders on Oujiang part of Wu dialect. As a result, Qingtian dialect not only sharing the general characteristics of Chuqu dialects, but also owning lots of features of Oujiang dialect. This thesis tries to give a detailed describing of the phonetics of the Beishan dialect, and find out the differences between Beishan dialect and Hecheng dialect, the young and the old in interior comparison, as well as the differences between Beishan dialect and Wenzhou dialect in exterior comparison. This thesis has five chapters, which outline is following:Chapter One introduces the geography, the historical conditions, the research reasons, and the studies of Qingtian dialect briefly.Chapter Two describes the phonological system of Beishan dialect in detail.Chapter Three analyses the internal differences among the Qingtian dialect, including the differences between different areas, and the differences between the young and the old.Chapter Four gives a detail comparison between Beishan dialect and Wenzhou dialect.Chapter Five describes the corresponding relationship between the phonological system of the Beishan dialect and the middle ancient times…
Key words: Qingtian dialect; Phonetics; Strata (Stage)

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