The Analysis of Red Archetype in Red Sorghum Family

Abstract: In Mo Yan's novels, red is usually used the highest color, and resides the "rule" status tone. Red Sorghum Family is the above phenomenon model. According to the artistic anthropology viewpoint, primitive impulse is the power that the primitive man explains the znature, contemplation own and creation culture. To Mo Yan's work, his writing description red artistic world as well as with yearned for to primitive vitality tracking down to manifests this viewpoint. The reason of Mo Yan loves red is that takes it the primitive vitality symbolic way. In human culture history, through the long year's cultural accumulation, red already became a kind of archetypal image with rich symbolic significance. At first, this article attempts using the archetypal criticism method to establishment the theory of red archetype, induces three kinds of basic symbolic significances. These are: blood and fire, the most direct matter embodies ; Life, the basic symbolize significance of red; Force and revolution, the assisting symbolizes significance. And finally unifies in the source starting point: life consciousness. Then, the article uses the red archetype theory to analysis the diachronic perspective to Red Sorghum Family. This part starting to three aspects: the blood precipitating, unprocessed and dead unity of opposites, force depict in the novel. It proves three kinds of red basic symbolic righteousness which in the novel manifests. Finally, the article will makes the whole explanation in the red archetype significance. At the same time, it pointed out that, the author expresses in the novel, plants the degeneration brings the sense of hardship, the feminine worship and the anticipation primitive vitality's return tendency. That unifies under the red archetype. According to that, it draws the conclusion, Mo Yan establishes the literature world through red is a grand world that revelation the primitive life impulse of hides in the deep place of humanity realizes, yearned for the full of vigor vitality…
Key words: Red archetype; Red Sorghum Family; blood; life; violence

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