The Research on Construction Techniques Applied to Yangtze River Bridge of Yuhuai Railroad in Changshou

Abstract: Changshou Yangtze River Bridge that spans Yangtze River is one of huge bridges that belong to the Yuhuai railway, locates within Changshou county's borders. The bridge is comprised of (2@24+332)m PC simple supported beams+(144+2×192+144) m consecutive through truss beams+2x32m PC simple supported beams. The bridge pier bases locate deep water region where the water flow is rushing, so, the construction of bases and truss beams was difficult.Uniting two respect problems that Changshou Yangtze River bridge was encountered in the construction: 6 7# pier deep water bases construction along with the construction of the beams of steel truss between 5 to 9 piers, the original relatively systematically introduced the problem of construction technology and construction organization that is encountered among construction of the beams of steel truss and deep water bases. It is still particularly introduced in the script, that in the piers construction, making double-wall steel cofferdam improve to obtain double-wall suspension box-cofferdam was necessary. In the truss beam construction technology, the method is put forward to resolve the problem of imbalance load, then, the article discussed the problem of system transform in the construction. Finally, the paper introduced the measure to guarantee the construction quality.Construction meanings and construction technology introduced in the script supplied experience and reference to other similar engineering project…
Key words: Changshou Yangtze River bridge; Consecutive through steel beam; PC simple supported beam; Deep water base; Beam of steel truss; double-wall suspension box-cofferdam; Construction organization; Construction technology

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