Research on One Cycle Controlled Power Factor Correction

Abstract: One cycle controlled (OCC) is broadly applied in so many power factor correction (PFC) circuits as a new control method. OCC PFC doesn’t need the traditional analog multiplier and input AC line sensing, which makes the control board simple.In this thesis, the operation principle of the single phase OCC Boost PFC technology is analyzed firstly. But one cycle controller is usually realized by analog circuit and the parameter is easy to vary with the environment, so the integration time constant will vary at the same time. The effect of integration time constant variation to system performance is analyzed. All the findings are supported by the simulation and the experimental results. Then applications of OCC PFC rectifiers with three-phase six-switch full-bridge topology, three-phase/switch parallel-connected dual boost topology, three-phase/switch/level (VIENNA) topology and VIENNA rectifier which can be decoupled in topology are theoretically analyzed, simulation models are constructed ,and a comparison is made base on the simulation results. In the fourth chapter of the thesis, the design process of 1.5kW 3-phase 4-wire input OCC VIENNA rectifier prototype of high Power Factor performance is expatiated in detail. The experimental results based on this prototype verify the analysis…
Key words: PFC; one cycle control; Single-phase PFC; Three-phase PFC; integration time constant; VIENNA Rectifier

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