Studies on Drought Resistance in Sunflower Buds and Seedling Stage

Abstract: 22 species including sunflowers for food and oil in Inne Mongolia were collected as test materials in this experiment, Under normal water and drought stress condition conditions, On germination rate, germination index, the growth, the root growth, the bud seedling seed germination drought resistance index and seedling height, weight, seedling dry weight, chlorophyll, soluble sugar, mda content and 11 and sunflower seed germination sprout related properties are studied and analyzed, Combining seedling stage peroxidase isozyme electrophoresis, for the material of comparison and evaluation of drought, the test results obtained mainly as follows:1. The grey relational analysis results showed that the drought index of relative bud seedling drought resistance index and germination and seedling drought survival of relational sequence deposition W is as follows: the relative germination index > relative germination > root growth rate relative relative > seedling weight > seedling height > bud relative growth > relative water content.2. In seedling drought resistance index and germination rates of W, as were identified directly evaluation index of different varieties bud seedling drought sunflowers varieties, drought, weak for S31.Ao61. G101 BaiKui5 and Nei3 5 materials such as strong drought, Ba22.Xin10.Xin13,Chi3 and Keyang7 5 materials such as strong drought, Keyang1,MGS and NK6 3 for middle materials, P77,T436,305×502,T297×502,443×496 and 1808-2×510 6 material for weak drought, T33.343 x 516 and 337 x 496 3 material is very weak drought.3. Using fuzzy membership function method and combining the weight coefficient of index, 22 samples in the bud seedling drought is as follows: S31 > BaiKui5 > Nei3> G101 > Ao61 > NK6 > Ba22 > Chi3 > Keyang7 > Xin13 > Xin10 = 305 x 502 > 1808-2×510 > T33 > MGS > P77 = 443 x 496 > T436 > T297 x 502 > Keyang1>343 x 516 > 337 x 496.4. Clustering analysis results show that: the firstⅠbreeds, Chi3, NK6,Ba22, Ao61, BaiKui5,Nei3, S31 G101 for strong drought varieties.Under drought stress, and germination rate high, neatly sprout, seedling growth potential and sprout strong roots deep, is this kind of varieties of drought; ArticleⅡbreeds, 337 x 496, 343 x 516, Xin10,Xin13 outstanding characteristic is high in relative water content that this kind of varieties under drought stress, the cells are in the hydraulic strong.5. Under drought stress, 22 varieties peroxidase isozyme electrophoresis separate out 5 enzyme polymorphic enzyme with 3, strip focused middle-lower gel. After, the drought stress treatment, MGS,Xin10,BaiKui5, Nei3,Xin13, NK6, Ba22,Keyang7, 443 x 496 and Keyang1 11 varieties appeared a new enzymes. With the emergence of new enzyme is most beta, gamma and delta zone. Initial speculation, beta, and gamma, three bands and sunflower delta were related…
Key words: Sunflower; Sprout stage; Drought Resistance

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