Investigation of Notopterygium Spp-Resources of Medicinal Plants in Ganzi Region, Sichuan Province, and Research on Its Photosynthetic Characteristics

Abstract: With the continous developement of new products and the drive of huge economic intersts, the vegetation was destructed, habitat was fragmented and reduced. This also wreaked havoc on the two kinds of Notopterygium spp which are the Notopterygium incisum and Notopterygium forbesii. At present, the over-collection of resources of wild Notopterygium spp led to the verge of extinction threat. In order to provide thoretic basis and practical guidance for the resources, naturalization and cultivation practices of the two kinds, this study mainyl carried out its research into the Ecological environmen of wild populations, the growth rules , the photosynthesis rules,etc. On the whole the conclusions were drawn as follows:1 According to a wild survey in Ganzi Region, Sichuan Province, there are two kinds of Notopterygium spp,the N. Incisum and the N. Forbesi. The former is mainly distributed in places of elevation from 3000 m~5000m ,and the latter in places of elevation from2500 m~4000m. Geographically, the former was mainly located in Duzhe mountain of Kangding county, Gaoershi mountain of Yajiang county, Litangjunba county, Daofu county, Luhuo county, Seda county, Ganzi county and north-central region of Shicu county ,the latter in central areas of Daofu county, Batang county and Luhuo county .The N. Incisum is mainly distributed under,among and at he edge of the more sparse coniferous trees and among the roots scrubs of streaming stones which live in the upper slopes of valley.The slopes is always about 30°gradient and faces to South-east. The N. Incisum is likely to live in humid soil of cold enviroment. The soil in its main area of distribution is brown earth, brown soil and alphine meadow soil. The soil is fertile, loose texture.The N. Forbesi tend to live in places full of light, low latitude and grow in area of woods where the soil is dry, barren and prone to be dig.The acompanying arbors of the N. Incisum are be subject to coniferals arbors such as the Picea likiangensis var.montigenajhe Picea likiangensis var.likiangensis, the Abies squamata and so on, which are the importantconstructive species ; the acompanying scrubs include the Salix paraplesia var.paraplesia,the Salix paraplesia var.pubescens.the Rosa omeiensis Rolfe, the Spiraea myrtilloides Rehd. The herb layer is based on the principle of the Cardamine tangutorum O F.Schulz.the Polygonum viviparum L,the Deyeuxia scabrescens Grisebjhe Roegneria nutans (Keng) Kong.The arbor 's layer of the N. Forbesii is the same with that of the N. Incisum. The acompanying scrubs include the Salix paraplesia var.paraplesia,the Salix paraplesia var.pubescens, the Sambucus williamsii, the Ribes longiracemosum Franch ,the Elsholtzia fruticosa var.fruticosa (D.Don ) Rehd and the herb layer is based on the principle of the Thalictrum atriplexFinet et Gagnep, the Sinopodophyllum hexandrum (Royle) Ying. Compared with that of the N. Incisum, they are light loving plants on the low hill. In addition, according to the wild study,and the Heracleum hemsleyanum are important indication plants, and the variety of the accompanying plants of the N. Incisum is up to 125, that of the N. Forbesiia is up to 30,less than that of the N. Incisum.By the mean of fuzzy equal cluster law, Notopterygium spp Community is classified as 5 ecology classes in Ganzi Region of Sichuan Province. Including, N. incisum is classified as alpine coniferous forest, mountain shrub, mountain shrub, and flow shek, flow shek. N.forbesii is classified as mountain coniferous Broad-leaved forest.2 With regard to photosynthesis of the two species, the diurnal variations of net Photosynthetic rates(Pn) is double—peak curves, and the first peak value is higher than the second one, which suggests that "midday depression" occurs obviously. The result indicated that N. incisum the midday depression is the cond result, and has photosynthesis midday depression period.3The microclimate research indicates: The photosynthesis speed achieves the peak with the illumination increasing. If the illumination continues to increase, the net photosynthesis rate reduces. As to the efficiency of illumination, the former is lower than N. incisum , the watershed is about 600μmolm~(-2)s~(-1). The former 'LCP is obviously lower than the latter. The AQY is prominently lower than other species. In conclusion, illumination didn't change the plants' physiological characters and the difference is correlated with acclimation.The findings indicate that N. incisum and variety N. incisum to the response of CO_2 performs consistent primarily. CCP of N. incisum: The wild species are 35mol/mol, the introductions are 53mol/mol. the CSP is about 800mol/mol. CE: The wild species are 0.0747, the introduction is 0.0494, indicating that N. incisum is C_3 plant. The difference of CCP and CE of the two plants is remarkable, indicating that variety N. incisum is adapted to the higher CO_2 density's area.4 Gas exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence parameter: the wild N. incisum Cond obviously is lower than the introduction. Other exchange of gases parameter,both difference are not remarkable. It shows that the environment is satisfied to N. incisum. As to Chlorophyll fluorescence, the wild species and the introduction difference is not remarkable, and some parameter's slight change is showing that N.incisum is adapted to the high luminous environment. Moreover, bothΦP and P also increase, NPQ, D slightly decreased, the ETR small scale rise, In introduction place, qP, Fv'/Fm' are slightly higher than primary, L (PFD) is smaller than primary…
Key words: Ganzi Region; Notopterygium spp-; Investigation on Ecological environment; Photosynthetic Characteristics

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